Best 3 Compartment Sinks 2020 (Commercial, Restaurant & Industrial)

commercial 3 compartment sink for saleWhether you are a restaurant or bar owner, have a catering business or run a commercial food service, your kitchen, and the equipment you use can make or break you.

Pans, pots, bar glassware and other kitchen utensils usually are best washed manually with the age-old tried and tested 3 compartment sink process.

Depending on your country or state regulations, these sinks might be required to operate your kitchen. Whatever laws or health codes your business needs to adhere to, these basins remain crucial in running an efficient kitchen.

They serve as quick and efficient means to clean kitchenware. Not to mention the fact that our list of products all contains high-quality stainless steel which is easy to clean and build to endure any commercial or industrial environment.

Here at Elli Bistro, we want to help and enable our customers to find the best three-compartment sink to fit their specific needs. Whether you have a small kitchen area or large, want a unit with or without a drainboard or need to install it in a corner, we’ve got you covered.

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Our reviews for the best 3 compartment sinks

To simplify your search we’ve listed 10 top 3 compartment stainless steel sink options for your kitchen in 2018 below.


Gridmann Underbar Commercial Three Compartment Sink

small Gridmann Underbar versionThis underbar unit from Gridmann is excellent for small spaces within bar or kitchen areas as a standalone unit and is very affordable. It’s made with a mix of 16 & 18 gauge stainless steel and is NSF certified.

It comes standard with a 3-7/8″ backsplash with two holes drilled for faucets. The galvanized legs contain metal braces in between to make them more stable. Since the feet can be adjusted, you can even counteract uneven floors.

It’s the most affordable item on the list, so there is no surprise that it does not come with drainboards on either side.

Overall Dimensions 37-7/8 W; 18-3/4 front to back; 36-1/2″ H
Bowl Dimensions 14″x 10″; 10″ deep
Drainboard Information None
Faucet Holes 2


John Boos E Series With Left & Right Drainboard

John Boos E Series With Left & Right DrainboardMeet the John Boos E Series, one of many, that comes with a left and right drainboard. This unit from John Boos is for the business owner that wants a little more efficiency and the ability to pack/dry multiple kitchen wares on both sides of the industrial sink at once.

It’s somewhat wider than the previous product from Gridmann so that you would need a bigger space for storage. The deck and bowl are designed with 18 gauge stainless steel and the legs galvanized.

At the bottom of each leg is plastic feet which make this 3 basin sink great for moving around and preventing scratches on the floor.

Overall Dimensions 19-1/2″ W; 43.812″ H; 60″ L
Bowl Dimensions 10″x 14″; 10″ deep
Drainboard Information 2
Faucet Holes 2


John Boos E Series Deep Bowl

John Boos E Series with a deeper bowlIf you’re a fan of John Boos industrial equipment and might not have enough space for drainboards on either side, this small 3 compartment sink could be the right fit for your restaurant.

While saving space in length, you can enjoy deeper bowls (12 inches in depth) and get to wash those oversized pots and pans with ease.

As with many other triple bowl sinks in the E Series the legs a galvanized and 18 gauge stainless steel materials where used.

Furthermore, the product comes with a backsplash to prevent water from spilling over and two faucet holes to make mounting them easier.

Overall Dimensions 23-1/2 W; 59″ L ; 43.812″ H
Bowl Dimensions 18″ x 18″; 12″ deep
Drainboard Information None
Faucet Holes 2


BK Resources Drop-In Unit

drop in 3 bowl sink from BK Resources

If you’ve already mounted a base or have a stand/counter in place you want to install a 3 bay commercial sink in, a drop-in unit is an excellent choice.

The basin from BK Resources is NSF approved and made of stainless steel (the type is not mentioned in the product listing).

It comes standard with two faucet holes, and no backsplash.

Overall Dimensions 36″ L; 18″ W; 10″ D
Bowl Dimensions 10″x 14″; 10″ deep
Drainboard Information None
Faucet Holes 2


John Boos E Series Small Multi Bowl

used small three compartment sink commercial value from the John Boos E SeriesFor cafe’s, bars and kitchens where size or storage space is an issue, this John Boos 3 bay sink works well.

Its length is only 35 inches making it one of the smallest units on our list. Other noteworthy features include consisting of 18 gauge stainless steel, legs that are galvanized and slightly smaller bowls compared to other products in the E Series.

Once again, the plastic feet is a nice addition that prevents scratching of most surfaces. The backsplash also has two faucet holes already drilled in it for easier installation.

Overall Dimensions 19-1/2″ W; 35″ L; 35-1/5″ H (Front edge)
Bowl Dimensions 10″x 14″; 10″ deep
Drainboard Information None
Faucet Holes 2


Blue Air Corner Restaurant Sink

a basin to fit into a corner from Blue AirThis corner 3 compartment sink from Blue Air could take your kitchenware cleaning to a whole new level. If you have a corner that is not being used, this might be just the right fit.

The unit is more expensive than previous ones but comes packed with features. It’s NSF approved, the bowls are made of stainless steel (type 304), and it contains sizable drainboards on the left and the right.

Legs are galvanized as well as the base. It’s created with a big backsplash, so no worrying about spilling water or utensils falling over.

Also, since it’s a corner unit and while keeping everything as efficient as possible, it comes with four faucet holes.

Overall Dimensions 57.00″ W; 44.50″ H;  24.00″ Depth
Bowl Dimensions 18″ x 18″; 12″ deep
Drainboard Information 2
Faucet Holes 4


L&J Import Double Drainboard Unit

unit from L&J Import with two drainboardsAlthough this unit looks very much the same as the previous three compartment sinks, don’t let it fool you. It’s a big triple sink unit and reaches a length of 120 inches and carries amazingly deep bowls (24 inches).

For big kitchens or bars where clean pots, pans or even glassware can never be enough and lots of washing needs to be done, the L&J Import Double unit will cover all your needs.

Besides its large size, it comes standard with two drainboards, is crafted with 18 gauge stainless steel and carries an NSF certification.

Stacking dishes or kitchenwares on either side is a breeze since space and even splashing water isn’t an issue. Furthermore, L&J Imports provides a guarantee for one year (specifics do apply).

The feet are plastic and adjustable which is great for flexibility while legs are covered in galvanized steel.

Overall Dimensions 120 W; 29 13/16″ Depth; 43 3/4″ H
Bowl Dimensions 24″x 14″; 24″ deep
Drainboard Information 2
Faucet Holes 2


Elkay Foodservice Super Industrial Sink

Elkay Foodservice super size unitThe Elkay Foodservice Economy 3 compartment sink with drainboards is what we’d like to call an in-betweener. It’s not too small and not too big either.

As with other more expensive units, it comes with a left and right drainboard, 2 standard faucet holes (one pair) and a large backsplash.

The backsplash is 9 inches in high and is built with a restaurant in mind as it comes with a tile ledge making installation more straightforward.

The feet are adjustable and legs galvanized as most sinks. It’s also NSF certified making it a high-quality product from Elkay.

Overall Dimensions 23-51/64″ W; 90″ L; 43-51/64″ H
Bowl Dimensions 11″ deep
Drainboard Information 2; 18” left and right
Faucet Holes 2


Elkay Foodservice Right Drainboard

Elkay Foodservice basin with a right sided drainboardIf you’ve been looking for a unit with a right handed or left (see the next product), we haven’t forgotten about you.

This 3 compartment sink from Elkay is very much the same as the previous model listed. However, it comes with a drainboard on the right side.

Your kitchen might be organized in such a way that you don’t have room for drainboards on either side, instead of just on the right.

This unit should serve its purpose well with its range of high-quality standards, NSF certification, stainless steel (16 gauge), a 10.75″ backsplash and all the other bells and whistles.

This particular unit also comes in different size variations which makes fitting it into your kitchen a lot easier.

Overall Dimensions 29.75″ W; 102.5″ L; 46.75″ H
Bowl Dimensions 24″x 24″; 12″ deep
Drainboard Information 1; 24″ L; 24″ W; right
Faucet Holes 2


Fenix Sol Left Drainboard

small unit from Fenix SolFor commercial food operators looking for a left-sided stainless steel sink with drainboard and a backsplash, this one from Fenix Sol will do the job.

It contains two faucet holes, galvanized legs and has an NSF certification to give you further ease of mind.

The stainless steel used is 18 gauge 304 which is great for commercial environments.

Overall Dimensions 44.5″L; 19.8″W; 43″H
Bowl Dimensions 10″L x 14″W x 10″ deep
Drainboard Information 12” L; 19.8” W; right
Faucet Holes 2

More tips for restaurant owners

A picture of a restaurant kitchen where the owner is using a 3 bay stainless steel commercial sink If this is your first time buying industrial or commercial equipment for your restaurant we’d like to help you with a few handy tips and how-to guides.

You can start by learning all about the 3 sink system which is a proven method and many times regulation enforced procedure of cleaning dishes and look at our dishwashing tips section.

If you’re a hands-on person or want to try and perform some of the tasks that go with buying restaurant equipment, we’ve got a few simple guides and tips you will like.

How to build a portable concession sink

Commercial sink guide – here you’ll learn about all the different kinds of sinks and also find more general guides.

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Choosing the best equipment for your kitchen

chef working in kitchen with a 3 compartment bar sinkThe reality is that each restaurant, cafe, bar or commercial foodservice owner will have their own specific needs with regards to kitchen basins – whether you’re in Texas, California, Illinois, Florida, New Yor, Georgia or the rest of the US.

There are so many factors to consider such as the size of your kitchen, the number of units you need, the amount of pots, glasses or utensils that need to be washed, the size of those appliances, state/country regulation and budget.

Maybe this 3 tub sink is preventing you from running your restaurant at full capacity, or even worse, running your business at all.

That’s why we’ve kept our list to only ten units – to save you time and make the buying process simple. We know that you’d like to get back to running your business ASAP!

So, keep all your requirements in mind, check your measurements and choose which product fits you the best.

For more information on each product, take a few minutes and read some of the reviews written on Amazon or any other shop we’ve referenced here if you want more information.

We wish you the best for your business and hope you find exactly whichever 3 compartment sink you are looking for, whatever size, brand, price, and model that might be!