Guide to Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Mats

Commercial restaurant kitchen mats contribute to being useful safety options used within multiple industries, especially in a restaurant kitchen. They are comprised of the highly durable rubber compound which is formed with a small and large hole system and pose many benefits to kitchen staff.

If it’s your first time setting up a restaurant or you’re looking for more information on these mats, we’ll take a closer look at the features, pros, and cons in this article.

Types of commercial restaurant kitchen mats

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

They are considered to be the best options for use in restaurants. These mats are designed for bestowing comfort to the employees and makes standing on your feet all day much more comfortable. They also work great for long assembly lines.

Wet Area Floor Mats

This variation is found in restaurants, dish rooms and preparation areas in different commercial kitchens. They are an excellent option to render safety to the employees and customers in areas where there often is water or wet areas on a floor.

Grease resistant

This type of floor mat is known to be heavy duty, and have the capability of withstanding grease without compromising its slip resistance properties.

Benefits of commercial restaurant kitchen mats

person cleaning without the use of commercial restaurant kitchen matsKeep the facilities clean

Commercial mats are great for the reduction of the amount of dust, dirt, and grime. They act as a barrier between shoes of the staff members and floors. They are helpful in keeping the facilities clean while reducing the labor and maintenance costs.

Rendering protection to the floor surfaces

Commercial kitchen floor mats are helpful in reducing damage caused on flooring surfaces due to foot traffic and can end up saving business owners tons of money on maintenance cost.

Preventing slipping and falling

When a staff member or even worse, a customer, slips and falls on a slippery or unclean floor it can result in injury and worst cases legal fees for the restaurant.

Commercial mats are equipped with the slip-resistant backings which limit the risk of accidents. These mats should be placed in the entry of kitchens so that there is a reduction in the amount of water and moisture.

Offering ergonomic support and comfort

The anti-fatigue floor mats provide unparalleled aid and comfort to the users.


Here are the advantages of using the commercial restaurant kitchen mats:

Ergonomic support and comfort.

Slip-resistant backings reduce chances of accidents.

Flooring damage prevention.

Less dirt, dust, and grime build up on floors.

Easily cleaned which makes your kitchen floor is free from the spillage and different other types of food stain marks.


You need to maintain them regularly.

They pose as additional costs to set up a restaurant kitchen.

In conclusion

There you have it! Commercial restaurant kitchen mats are essential to running an efficient, safe and clean kitchen.