6 Simple Dinner Dishes For Caterers To Serve At Events 

Last Updated On: February 3, 2022.

Are you planning a special event, one with a sit-down meal but you’re not sure what to serve to make it memorable?

We know a lot of work goes into restaurant kitchens and those of catering companies, however, instead of our normal kitchen sink related posts we’d like to give you a break. Thanks to Jerome’s Deli for the great idea for this post!

We all know that planning an event can be a daunting task. Any slip-ups can have critical consequences. Therefore, it is important to develop a strategic checklist. You can develop special event experiences featuring customized food and cocktail menus.

As guests will be expecting high quality, delicately presented, and off-course yummy food, you should be ready to serve and fulfill their expectations.

Sometimes keeping things simple and playing on people’s expectations can be an all-around winner. Remember to offer them exceptional service and attention to make it their best experience ever.

Here are some great catering ideas for special dinner dishes that caterers can serve at events or parties.

1. Pan-seared Salmon

a plate of Pan-seared Salmon

This is a wonderful dish that is simple to make, yet tasty! Seafood as a starter is always a winner. Whether it’s a fancy fish cocktail, or just grilled fish out on a dish with a complementary sauce, normally the rule of serving is, the bigger the better!

As this is the first dish and the first impression is the last, make sure the dish is of top quality, after all, taste is more important than size.

You can also try hot smoking salmon, this can be done in advance and warmed just before serving. We recommend using the Camp Chef Smokepro SE for large crowds as it cooks evenly every time.

2. Scallops

a plate of Scallops with vegetables

This is another classic dish that you can add as a starter. People don’t cook this dish at home often, so it’s always a winner at events. The best part of serving scallops is that there are numerous side dishes that can go with them.

You can serve them seared in soups, butter sauce, sit or even have tempura scallops. This dish is highly malleable, so can easily fit in with any theme and taste of your menu.

3. Rack of lamb

grilled rack of lamb

This dish always looks remarkable, whether served as a rack of lambs or as a crown. There are a lot of different things you can serve with lamb to make the dish more delicious.

To give it a traditional condiment, you would serve it with mint sauce. But, if you feel that mint isn’t the right choice to go with the event, then break the traditional rules and give it a new taste with a new look.

4. Crab or lobster

plate of lobster and other seafood

Adding lobster to your menu adds luxury to your event. They are quite messy when eaten, but if they are of great quality, then people will enjoy every bit of meat out of them.

If you’re going to serve lobster, then serve it as a whole item otherwise it may be seen as being cheap to serve half a lobster. If you’re going to do something, do it right!

5. Chocolate soufflé

chocolate soufflé

It is true that good things come to those who wait for them. Chocolate soufflé is one of the examples of such good things. This dessert takes up to 30mins to be cooked. People love Chocolate soufflé – enough said.

6. Macarons

a bowl or French inspired macarons

If you’re looking for an outstanding dessert with great looks, a large collection of different flavored and colored macarons is a great choice. These can be brought over to each table in the form of a remarkable tower, and make it even more scenic.

Nothing can substitute for good food in an event.

Caterers need to make sure while providing food catering services for such large events, everything should be managed properly and have more staff to make the event successful.

There you have it, six simple and amazing food ideas for your next event. Enjoy!