How Many Gallons In A 3 Compartment Sink?

Last Updated On: February 1, 2021.

kitchen sink capacity in gallons test undergoingIf you work in the food industry and you aren’t sure how much water it takes to fill up a 3 compartment sink for doing dishes, it’s okay, not a lot of people do.

Determining how many gallons a sink can hold depends on the size of the sink itself.

Generally, three compartment sinks can measure 18”x18” with a 14 gallon per compartment capacity or and 24”x24” for a 25 gallon capacity per compartment. Now, this can differ depending on the size of the sink, as stated earlier.

If you have a compartment sink for a bar, these usually hold six gallons per compartment. The easy way to figure out how much water there is per compartment is by determining the length(ft) x width(ft) x depth(ft) x 7.5.

This equation will help you determine how many gallons there are in a compartment and then simply add the three to get your total amount for all of the compartments combined.