The Ins and Outs of Mop Sinks

Last Updated On: February 9, 2021.

mop sink guideMop sinks are useful pieces of cleaning equipment for restaurants. They can be used for any home or commercial environment whose floor surfaces are mopped regularly. A floor mounted commercial mop sink can be easily installed into already existing plumbing thereby allowing your janitors and cleaners to dump used water effortlessly.

Other styles such as the ones with leg mounts provide additional storage under sinks including storage of chemicals and buckets.

Types of Mop Sinks

There are many different sizes and styles that you can choose for your kitchen restaurant, bar, cafeteria, or other establishments. Some of these even come with drainage trays, cabinets, hose kits, and side splashes to further help in the cleaning process. Below are the common types of mop sinks used in most establishments.

Floor Mounted Stainless Steel Sinks

These types of floor-mounted basins are constructed using a stainless steel material that helps them last a lifetime. Its construction consists of a very strong stainless steel material and also features a 1 1/2 inch backsplash. It is an excellent option for a resident or business where the floor is mopped daily.

Stainless Steel Mop utility Sinks

Most health codes require restaurants to have a minimum of one utility sink. A leg-mounted basin may be well suited for those who prefer a deep sink for cleaning. It is very useful in any commercial kitchen and is constructed of strong stainless steel material with square corners. The leg sockets have been welded directly to the body of the sink thereby providing excellent load support and making the sink a great option.

Cement and Marble Floor Mount Service Basins

These types of slop sinks can be constructed from pearl grey marble chips or white Portland cement that has been grouted, ground smooth, and sealed to make it resistant to stains. They were initially developed to meet the rising need for draining maintenance equipment that is power-driven more efficiently. Here are some of the benefits of using these products:



You can add hoses of any length to the sink thereby giving you the options to achieve various types of tasks that go beyond filling your mop bucket. It also allows large items such as trash cans with ease.


Spilled water is always a concern as it can lead to slipping and falling which is the main cause of injury in the restaurant industry. Since a mop sink is placed close to the floor, it does not need to be often lifted which reduces the risk of any water spillage.

Contamination Control

If you are using a handheld mop bucket and a mop that has a removable mop head, you can install a mop wringer low to the wall above your slop sink.

Saves Time and Money

Since you and your employees will be spending less time moving the mop bucket back and forth from your usual standard sinks, everyone will be working more efficiently thereby saving both time and money.

If you have also included chemical dispensing units in the mop sink, you will also find additional cost savings that come from portion control.

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