Warewashing Must Be Done In a 3 Compartment Sink

warewashing must be done in a 3 compartment sink picture describing itBefore you begin washing your flatware in the three-compartment sink, you should always follow proper procedure. You should ensure that the sinks are clean and sanitized as well as the drainboards before each use.

Remember never to wash your hands or mops in the 3 compartment sink as shown on our home page.

When it comes to washing utensils, never wash them at the same time as prep food as this can cause some cross contamination.

To clean the utensils, place them in hot soapy water that is a minimum of 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, move them to the second compartment to rinse in hot, clean water.

Next, toss them in the last compartment to sanitize. You will want to keep them in there for one minute or so.

Take them out and place them out to air dry, do not towel dry them.

Warewashing is an easy task and should be done correctly to ensure all codes are being followed to avoid repercussions.