When Washing Dishes In A 3 Compartment Sink, What Should The First Compartment Contain?

Last Updated On: February 1, 2021.

when washing dishes in a three compartment sink, what should the first compartment contain?It’s essential that every restaurant have a three compartment sink. Most of the time, local health codes require them, and they are a great investment, whether your restaurant or a business with a commercial dishwasher or not.

Some health departments will allow a 2 compartment sink in places with a minimal dishwashing volume.

The 3 sink way of washing dishes by hand has been existent for quite a long time, and most people know the basics. You wash, rinse, and sanitize.

Let it be known that there are specific rules set in place for each step to ensure each dish comes out sanitized and spotless.

Keep the following in mind

Before you start the process of washing, make sure the area is prepared with the dishes that need to be washed. The sink may also be utilized to thaw food, clean product, but cannot be used to wash your hands or as a sink for mopping.

Before each washing, the sink should be cleaned well and sanitized every four hours.

When Washing Dishes In A Three-Compartment Sink, What Should The First Compartment Contain?

The first compartment should contain the dishes that you want to wash with all food scraped off of the plates first. It is essential to understand that washing the dishes only make them look clean.

It’s also important that a thorough sanitization process is followed. The first compartment of the three-bay sink should contain a mixture of water and either soap, acid, detergent, alkaline cleaner, a reliable cleaner, or degreaser.

Depending on the local health codes, the temperature should be set at between 95 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s essential to have a thermometer close by to make sure the water is set to the proper temperature.

Depending on the needs of the establishment, a mixture of dishcloths, scrub brushes, or glass brushes may help a lot with the washing process.